Magic of a rainbow

I have had a good rest today and started  feeling  like myself, I felt I could bring some Joy, God is looking out for me


To see a rainbow in the sky
Stand and wonder
Where does the rainbow end?
I’ve wondered, is there really a rainbow
Waiting there for me
Or if there is a pot of gold

I know I’ve stood in the desert and watched
A rainbow, gathering my dreams and wings
Fly away with a rainbow in your shoulders
Complete with your dreams
Your magical plans, complete
The prize at the end of a rainbow
In all reality we know it is not true
You know a rainbow does not exist
We dream of fairy tales as children
We can carry the dreams with us
A rainbow does have it’s mysteries

Be silent stand still, stop and listen
A rainbow has a silent tune
Of magical colours glowing
I’ve wondered but have you?
A rainbow, can we find the beginning
It flows like a arch across the desert

Rainbow bridge is what I call it
A magical land, where I loose myself
A land I’ve come to know
Under the arch of the golden rainbow
A pathway to gold
The land where I go to loose myself

Cross a desert in the middle of nowhere
Next time you see a rainbow
The many legends of a rainbow
Forget the many stories
Just think about the legends
We all maybe wrong
Puzzled I say
I wonder if there is a pot of gold?
Have Faith


2 thoughts on “Magic of a rainbow

  1. I’m sorry Bj there is no pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow and no Magic either, there real not tricks, even if Scientists are still trying to work them out.

    Like you Bj I love Rainbows too, their mentioned more than once in the Scripture, there part of God’s awesome Creation a reminder of His promise never to flood the whole earth again. Below is the link to a poem I wrote about them, the other link is about Jesus the Light of the world, I don’t write Poems as often as you do Bj but yes I have Joy in doing so too.



    Blessings – Anne.


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