Lights of the desert




Light of the desert




Camp alongside a creek bed
Far away in the desert
A light may flicker
A moon so bright
You may think
A light that may call you

Attraction the draws you in
Draws you to the light
Are you inquisitive?
Do you have the desire to follow?
Suddenly you are drawn to the light

Lights of the desert
Calling, deep inside your soul
Dreams of lights dancing about
That do not hide in the night

Lights of the desert, legends
Stories have lived for years
Too many to be counted
Lights of the desert, legends
Can draw you in, attracting intense interest
Sometimes bringing you to tears

Shapes lingering, beckoning
Ready to be followed
Closely, closely, you get nearer
You may wonder, why?
Lights with nothing to fear
Lure you to follow

Lingering lights of the desert
Can capture you, these pure white lights
Shinning brightly, white pure lights
In the dark of night, turn your head
You may be followed, by these
Beckoning white lights

Across the desert, where the sand is red
Hot and burning to the naked eye
This night I search for the light
They’ve gone, shamefully
I search, wandering
Across the desert

Lights of the desert flickering, magic
Luring you, to endlessly follow
Lights that dance upon the horizon
We search and keep them in sight

Tempted by lights, luring you,
With promises of love
Whatever the legend is
They offer answers.

Are they the lights Satan
Or soul searchers
Lights that have created mystery
Created from old

Be inquisitive of the lights
While walking or camping by
A riverbed, desert sands
Shinning lights, brilliant lights
That dance across the horizon
Calling the night calling you

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