Transport Cobb& Co.

The many secrets hidden away in the quiet outback
Search closely, with a good eye, you might find marks of a coach wheel
A deep track, molded by mud hardened over time
The old Cobb & co. stations silent and still, remnants of a time
Not so long ago, now hidden on a back road, covered by bushes

Feel the history, once they were busy, many people surrounded the station
Chatter floated in the air, maybe a song or two, hustle and bustle
Today, feel, the history, careful of the spider webs,
The empty building, a dusty mug, rickety chair
Each post there is a story to tell

Yards empty now of horses, a rotted nail,
Fence posts now wobbly, Cobb & Co. signs faded
Horses bridles, hardened over time
Wooden wheels rotted and rusted
An old wagon now falling apart
Restore it and it would be worth millions

A fire place stands alone, bottles covered in dust
Cobwebs leaning of the bottles,
An inquiring mind would ask, “Who was the cook? taste the damper”
Imagine the stories of pioneers, Cobb and Co.

Hear the coach coming in the dark of night
The coach traveling fast horses held tight and panting
A coach driver, in a hurry, he knows the station master
Has a drink for him, A great thirst has the coach man
Passengers holding their seats, while the coach man hurries
Over the rise is a sight of candles burning, lights of a station
From over the top, the coach man flies down the hill
Horses hooves thundering down, wheel echo and whistle
A jingle, and pull tight on the reigns, the coach man stops

A smiling station master waits at the door
A tip of the hat and a cold one for the coach man
Journey’s end for the night, passengers, and driver
A good night’s rest, and in the morning they will leave

The dust outback trail will be the coach mans home again
He drive his coach over the trails again, the deep tracks of time
This story will grow over time, history is made
Stories and legends are made

Gone are the coaches, now
Buses filled with passengers
Roads now covered in tar
Roadside stops now busy with passengers and chatter
Mail now carried on buses
Passengers now dress differently


8 thoughts on “Transport Cobb& Co.

  1. I love the photos and your prose BJ was so good , made me feel as if I was there. The Cobb and Co Museum in Toowoomba is excellent. I think the last Cobb and Co run in Qld was in 1925 to Surat . Really great BJ to keep all that wonderful history alive! Your writing strikes a cord with us all who love this Country.



    • Thank you so much for your comment . This is from my phone internet is still down due to fires was hoping to have internet back for the weekend. Gee I did write that tired and on my phone, but internet back early.


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