This land Australia



From the coastal ranges
And ocean sands
Burnt sands of the outback
Sings a tune of the outback
Reaching hands pulling you
To a land vastly untouched

Every movement is silent
Swaying tree, swaying gently in the wind
There is a music, that crosses the plains
To the oceans, drifting in the breeze of Australia

Darkened skies of storms, reach out
With a lightening plume
Through a moonlit glow, covered
In clouds, darkened with storms to come
There is a silent land
Among the ranges, snow covered mountain
Highlands linked with the legendary
Man from Snowy River

Echoes of Banjo Paterson
Lyrics of Henry Lawson
A land at the heart of explores
Nature explodes from the cities
To the sparseness of the deserted outback
Feel this land Australia

It’s essence is the beat of animals
Unique to land all of it’s own
Living and breathing from a time
Where time began
The magic lingers in your heart
A language unique to those who live
And breathe the outback

In the silence of the land
There is a knowledge of time
When you feel the heart of Australia
You never wish to leave
Though many miles apart

The call of the land is forever there
The cities push the heart of the land away
Yet the ocean was there all those years ago
Feel the traces of the ocean as you walk
The sands of the outback

The sky of the bush is huge
Catch a breeze walking across the outback
There may be a perfume of the lands
That reaches your heart
Filling your heart with love

Australia works it’s magic
Drawing the fellow traveler to it’s shores
The place of my birth
Will never leave my heart
My heart is in the bush
Where I know I’m free


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