I give you my life, my heart

Today Lord, I realised
All my days now belong to you
You are our saviour
Held within your hands
Designed within your plan

Slowly, gently, you called me into your life
Leading me by Your Holy Spirit
Now to guide me and teach me
Lord, to live the rest of my life
To see through your eyes

You clasped your hands around my soul
Your Holy Spirit clasped Your hands around my heart
Your calling lifted me, drifting me away from the past
Drawing me to yourself, lead me

Your hands molded me, I gave my life to you
The hands of God have given me life
Walk beside me Lord, as my life now is with you

You have called me, slowly, gently into Your life
I ask you dear Lord, show me the way teach me
Through your spirit, through your eyes

You captured my heart
Your drawing me closer each day
I pray, that you lead me
Into your hands
I give you my life, my heart



6 thoughts on “I give you my life, my heart

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