The Long paddock

Mobs of cattle roamed the plains
Drovers slept beside the cattle
Empty flat plains
Red dust, flies, and heat
Creek beds dry, no water for miles

Statues salute the drover now
Standing along side his horse
Cattle trucks replace the drover
Ghostly images remain, beside the campfire
Be there around the campfire
Sit and talk as a drover did

Listen at dusk and you might hear the
Crackle of the campfire
A tune from the lonely drover
On night watch
To him a droving is his life

Helicopters now replace the drover
Yet we share their damper at the truck stop
Maybe a mug of billy tea
Listen to stories of a drovers life
At Marranaga, look for
The statue along the Long Paddock

Life how it used to be
Stories of many changes
Four wheel drives now
Cover the Long Paddock
Try the Gibb river road

They tell the story of a drovers life
And they should, really know
The ghostly images of tea and damper
The crackle of a campfire
I’m glad I’ve seen it all
The art of droving cattle across the Long paddock
Men now forgotten
Except for statues
Replace by helicopters, and
Giant cattle tucks


saustralia_85_roadtrain_small drive long map statue statues

6 thoughts on “The Long paddock

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  2. Yes, of course, a way of life, once resourced amply. Sacrifice was the routine. Well rewarded and unimaginably so, but memories remaining of the trek, except for the artist who sits down and re-envisions with pastel mind scribbles. A lovely tribute.

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