Call with outstretched hands, Australia


Koala eating a eucalyptus leaf

Koala eating a eucalyptus leaf

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Forests so dense with softly flowing plumes
Across the coastline, to the desert sands, red, scorching, sands
The call of the outback is sighing
Call with outstretched hands

From the oceans, this land reaches your heart

It is in the heart of each sole pioneer
The mountains so high, trees, bent
With the weight of snow, music of Australian birds
Mountain high plains riders, chase cattle, horses
Live in the mountains, floating on the breeze of the high plains
The sky reaches so blue and powdery, from the mountains to the plains
Sounds echo across the ground, alerting the heard
Graceful birds, float on the drift of the breeze
Floating south

The sky darkens as the rider, searches for bedding
Moonlit shine, so soft and silvery
Silence echoes, a hush, for a sleepy rider
Swag laid out, in the moonlit shine
Sleep beneath the moon, for a sleepy rider

In the heart of nature, the wilderness
Of Australia will grab you
It tugs at your heart, melts your soul
Ties your heart up with loving cords

Australia will grabs you, in a heart beat
Each living animal, each breathing thing
There is magic on the land of Australia
Each breathing tree, each breathing grass
Listen and you will hear a tune

There is a silence about this land
Listen for the silence and you will find knowledge
Wrapping its slender fingers around your heart
Longing for you to return
Though this land is wide

The call of this land, is long
Though it is often pushed away
There is colour, there is heartbreak
Music of Australia is there everyday
Sound and perfume, yet this land
Is calling to all, Oceans will call
A special call, meeting the breeze
As it comes from the land

When the breeze blows across the land
The rustic country has a special sound and perfume
Wraps your heart in slender gentle foil
The city a hub for all, rattles all day and night

Yet wherever Australia, winds its magic
With a longing for all
The call of a birth place
Alone in the bush where life is free
And little care may despair


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