Where the golden wattle blooms on the hill

This one reminds me of many stories my Dad enjoyed telling of outback wanderers and the Irish settlers that came to Australia looking for work and a better life.


They wandered alone, poor looking for work
Slouch hats hide the sun, with sprigs of wattle in their hats

Friends had deserted them, disowned by many
Yet my new country will never leave us
We left Ireland searching for a better life
Walk the deserted outback roads, kids in tow
Singing of Ireland, yet we adopted a new land
Adopted land, Australia where the Wattle grows
Blooming across the hills, golden star dust

While the blue sky arches across the ranges
A blue sky so huge, so far behold the growth
The wattle blooms like gold dust across the fields
Mixed with the red of the bottle brush

A most beautiful country Australia
A bountiful land so fresh and new
For all Australians to roam
Our country unique
We have risen above all

Quarrels set them on the road of Australia
Looking for new lands, finding new roads
Let the people come and fill this land
Struggles bought them to a new land
Pioneers wandering the outback, with families
Where the gold dust falls
Struggles and battles lie ahead
This is the Australia we know
The child will tussle and grow


2 thoughts on “Where the golden wattle blooms on the hill

  1. How wonderful Bj that your Dad shared the stories about Australia with you, what a great gift and it is reflected in a lot of your writings and so is your Faith in God who created our awesome Aussie Land. Thank you for sharing your Faith and our Country with the World.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


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