Birds of Australia

Find a bird

There is a coolness across the valley where I live

Echoes are calling through my window
I heat traffic leaving for work, yet I hear tunes
Of silver wattle birds echoing, budgies, parrots,I hear water falling in the distance
It lives in the mountains with me, moss covered rocks
Laden with water,The beauty of the morning sound of God’s
Creation,through trees mighty giants, sliver ghost gums
Laden with flowers, sheaves of light, plume through leaves
Notes of birds echoing sounds of magic, waking for the morning

Silver voiced birds native to our land, echo voices of the day
Tunes of Australia magic night and day, listen in the dawn of morning
Listen in the dusk of evening, thunder and lightening strike
The gums holding their nest, thunderbolts hurtle leaves and branches down
They hide in fear, nestled in the leaves of Australia
When rain, and sunshine mingle with leaves, sparkles of a new day
Sounds of Australia wake like warbled sounds
Hues of feathers open and shake as birds of a country
Wake to a new day, green, red, yellow golden tones, pink, and white.

God’s creation birds of Australia

(c)bjsscribblesBiology & Ecology

6 thoughts on “Birds of Australia

  1. I have seen pictures of Australian birds. You gave a new dimension to all the colors, shapes, and sizes: the sound of Australian birds. I would love to see the birds in person. But I have to admit that the spiders do not interest me as much! (Do you have a poem on Australian spiders? 🙂

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