Lush green forest

Lush green forest approaches
Trails winding, alpine roads
I stand before the forest trail
Wandering, puzzled
To where the trails lead

Long I stood , puzzled
To where the trails went
Through the lush green forest
Here the lush green forest beckoned
The grassy under story, mystic footprints

I tread gently along the trail
The grassy under story worn through time
I claimed the trail as mine, not leaving any footprints
Trails, winding like alpine roads
Treating them as mine

Now gently I tread along the trail
I walk gently through the morning air
The morning sun shines along the trail
A first for me
If I should get there first
Strength pushes me to explore
Doubt hinders as I wander if I will come back

I shall be telling this story many times with expressions
Somewhere in this world I will tell my story
About a lush green forest trail
I once took, with faith
A magical trail through the morning air
A trail that changes your life

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