Searching for confidence

IMG_0026-007 IMG_0027-008

I lift up to you Lord, the turmoil of my friends
The turmoil of my mind, I turn to you
Searching for confidence
Hoping you will share your confidence with me
I know will, if I ask, I praise you
For your willingness, to care for my friends, and myself
I search for answers, I bless the Lord
For taking my stress, my emotions I share with others
Please Lord, ease my friends worries
Your kindness, gives me hope
You have restored my peace of mind
You speak through my heart
I hear your words, looking to increase my peace
If your heart is troubled, don’t be afraid
The Lord will stand, and reassure you peace is about
As I pray, the Lord lifts your weary emotional tension
So that you will find peace

In your name Lord, Amen

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