A mythical legend

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A mythical legend surrounds the castle; proudly it stands in ruins among the clouds. Grey clouds hide the castle most days of the year creating mythical images among the mist that lingers permanent. Tour guides tell stories of legends from medieval times creating images in the minds of tourists.
There is a legend that has been passed down from medieval times that exists still about the mystical castle hidden among the clouds.
With its spires reaching through the grey clouds a mist permanently hangs around the spires. Where a castle existed in medieval times the tour guide tells his story.
The Bride
“A lonely bride waited for her knight in shining armour, one night when the moon was full. The moon shines a light on the bride as she waits. She is pictured standing among the clouds with a picture of her knight imprinted on her heart, “When will he return? “She utters silently as tears roll down her cheeks.
Night after night she stood in her balcony waiting for her Knight to return, but by day she stood holding her heart peering across the bay. A she waited for her Knight in shining armour, refusing to move, or make a move.”
As they move about the castle, the tour guide quotes from the legend that was handed down from his Great-Grandfather, “Heartbroken, she faded away by the side of her mystical castle; waiting for her Knight to return. Her ghost can be seen when the clouds disappear, peering across the bay, looking for her Knight.”
The Knight
As the tour moved further throughout the castle, the guide was asked, “What happened to the Knight?”
“Wait, as we move down to the mote, I will tell you more, “replied the guide.
“A Knight is called to valour on his wedding night, he kisses his beautiful bride goodbye; telling her he will return. Hidden behind his armour are tears of valour. As he rides away on his stallion, memories linger in his heart. But there are many battles ahead.
Tears roll down her cheeks as she waves goodbye from her balcony, on their wedding night. Her handkerchief floats down in the breeze to her Knight.
A valiant Knight battled and created a legend, in favour of his country and vowed one day to return to his bride. Imprinted on his heart was a vision of his beautiful bride carried with him as he fought valiantly for King and Country. Wounded one day in a hard fought battle he fell. Images of his bride kept him alive as he dragged himself to shelter. With his heart pounding for his bride, he tried valiantly to return. Slowly each night he dragged himself away from the battle insight of his castle across the bay clutching at her handkerchief. Tears roll down his cheeks as he prays his bride will understand, the battle was for King and Country but his battle was lost. From across the bay he could see her standing by their castle. A mist covered her, with visions of his bride in his heart he silently passed”. As the tour guide turned to face his group he noticed the ladies wiping tears from their eyes. He smiled and continued to the scene of the battle. Describing one of many battles fought during these times and answering questions.


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