Beacons of light

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Life had me on a journey when I wrote this, I am deep in thought writing this.

I wander deep in thought
At the top of the hill
Three roads, there are
That climb and wind
I leave behind a life
To create new
I meet a little country
The toss of a coin and I’ll take one
Across mountain ridges. I look
Where the sun is often cooled
By a mountain, or shadows
My feet are still soft to city life
The road traveled is often rough
She-oaks,gum trees the scent of the earth
The trees of life,
No walls to hold me in
The blue horizon is my infinity
Following the mountain ridges
Beneath the blue sky
Reaching high places I hear
My mind wanders to the wild birds singing
Images of horse bells ringing in the distance
Amongst the golden trees of wattle
I see as far as the eye can see
Oceans abound across the country side
Waves rise and fall and break against the coast
There is a silence as I stand in awe
Over the hills, out to the ocean
The beauty of a sea of blue
I can see dotted farms
Across the horizon
Beacons of light dot the horizon at night
There is a silence in the air
I find a peace about my heart
That soothes me morally and emotionally
I wander about the hills aimlessly
Eventually finding my way home

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