Legends of the shearing shed

31014210 31014234 around_the_sheds_cover Shearing time at Willoughby Woolshed, Barcaldine, Qld

Lonely they stand, in country
Australia, from the hills to the desert
But most of echoes of the past
Sing out as you walk through them
Listen for the voices from the past
You might be lucky
A stark reminder of the past
When Australia rode on a sheep’s back
Lonely and empty shearing sheds stand
From a time when rough bush timber was used
Corrugated iron now stands rusted
Shearing sheds were built to last
Each shed built by willing laborers
Pioneers were tough and skilled
Jack of all trades, I was told
Shearers carved their names in rafters
That held the roofs solid
Shearing sheds stand idol now
Not many can remember the sheds busy
Fences that once enclosed hundreds of sheep
Stand in disrepair, a rusty nail holds
Many a rusty hand held shears
Rusty hand held shears lay idol around the country
The mind wanders to the stories
Those shearers could tell
The work was hard
They struggled to earn a living
Wandering around a big country
Still new to the world around us


stock-vector-map-of-australia-in-old-style-in-vector-format-brown-graphics-in-a-retro-style-221661736 stock-photo--sheep-within-a-mob-turn-to-check-out-the-photographer-10436095410 010 9

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