Just a bit of fun Australia


Sometimes when people land in Australia
They think we’re a bit dippy
Each state has a different accent
But that does not make us less Australian

Each state has a different size glass for a pint of beer
But that does not make each state less Australian
We have a laid back lifestyle
We don’t always put a prawn/shrimp on the barbie

Life can be tough here too
It’s not all open spaces and kangaroo or koalas
There are homeless in the cities too
People doing it tough

One thing we have in common
Politicians, supposed to keep the country running
We love to have a joke about politicians
The other thing we have in common, elections
Boring but it is one thing we have to have

One thing we are all True Blue, Australians
That’s how we keep the name True Blue
We don’t all say “How ya goin mate!”
But we are still True Blue

Australia has changed
But we are still part of the Commonwealth
We are a multi cultural nation
In our own right
But sometimes when people land here
They think we are a bit dippy.
And sometimes we may think then a bit dippy too.

2 thoughts on “Just a bit of fun Australia

  1. I don’t call my friends Mate BJ, I don’t drink Alcohol, I don’t judge others as dippy, their just different, I don’t laugh at our Politicians but will stand up against any evil they perpetuate but I also Pray for them, I don’t find Elections boring because I don’t listen to all the propaganda before them, instead I seek out those who uphold God’s guidelines and vote for them.

    Am I an Aussie True Blue , I sure am and I’m Proud to be one but I Love and accept people of all Nations as People of worth…. For God so Loved The World, meaning everyone in it!

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


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