Drought in Australia

They are talking about a dry summer drought for South Australia, yet today we are expecting storms and flooding rains. Don’t know where the rain is yet. Maybe tomorrow. Yet parts of Queensland have been in drought for about 10years. Those years are so heartbreaking, some station owners end up just walking of the land or committing suicide.

stock-photo-kangaroo-traffic-sign-214578130 stock-photo-outback-road-in-the-northern-territory-of-australia-67458217 stock-photo-sun-rises-over-the-clare-valley-south-australia-114019039


Drought in Australia
Sometimes it is never-ending
Cracks in the ground
Sometimes big enough to fall through
Men work hard weeks on weeks never-ending
Men standing round empty cattle yards
Down the trail roared the last cattle truck
Moving the cattle to town
Drought in Australia

Red dust cloud hung over the cattle yard
“Who’s for the pub?”echoed over the empty yard
“Nothing more we can do here” replied the Boss
The days were long and hot
With the road as long as the day was hot
But when the sun went down
The only road to town was filled with thirsty cattlemen
Looking for an ice cold beer, with friends
Drought in Australia

With a long thirst now wet
Cattlemen looking for work
Grave faces for they knew
No work till the drought broke
But still friends stood and listened
True mate-ship amongst friends
Amongst the only pub for miles
Drought in the bush
This is drought in Australia

2 thoughts on “Drought in Australia

  1. Yes some do have it very hard BJ, we take for granted what we have sometimes but many have and still do suffer the effects of our dry season which can seem to last for ever when needing rain to care for crops, and livestock.

    We Love a Sun-burnt Country but we still need to pray for rain.

    Blessings – Anne.


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