Aussie English or how we pronounce it

Aussie ramblings


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Aussie, or Ozzie as it is pronounced,
Ramblings or lingo, whatever you want to call it,
Actually I have hung on to it a little,
From the Back of Bourke to the cities,
Back of Bourke, as far away from civilisation, you can get
Cities a city or town by the sea where Aussies play,
Around the Barbie, Barbeque, you will here such colourful Aussie lingo,
Put a snag on the Barbie, I used to pity the poor girl named Barbie,
But put a snag on the Barbie, and you get a suasage,
Plonk it on a slice o’bread and just add sauce, yummy,
Add a beer, and everyone will be happy,
Plenty of Aussie ramblings or lingo make this social event,
What a social event that we Aussie’s call a bash,
Cheer for the little Aussie battler,
He is the backbone of this great country,
A low paid worker, A hard worker,
The Aussie battler,
But look out when you find a Bludger,
He is lazy and bludges of everyone else,
For things he should take care of himself,
You will usually find a bludger sitting on a chair,
Watching everyone else, a fitting description,
Oh! how many times in my life I heard the word Beaut,
Beaut, something that is good, You Beauty!
“You little Beauty!” My Dad would say,
As his favourite horse won the Melbourne cup,
My Dad was my favourite Bushy,
Bushy some-one that lived in the Outback,
He went back to the bush many times,
To collect the gossip from family and friends,
On the Bush telegraph, gossip from the bush,
Gossip from family and friends from the bush telegraph.

2 thoughts on “Aussie English or how we pronounce it

  1. Words BJ come and go but we remember those that impacted us for good and bad but it’s wise to delete the bad ones and stay with the good.

    I choose not to judge others by someones words but by their actions good and bad, but a bludger may be a Battler having a hard time and needing help or someone who has lost their motivation having failed so many times, let’s be kind with the words we use when we label others don’t you think BJ.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


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