A bit more Aussie Ramblings

An Aussie define an Aussie
A True Blue does not have to Love Aussie Rules
That is football, some call it aerial ping pong
A True Blue Aussie does not have to be born here
Australia Day is special for many
They become Aussie’s in their own ceremony
Real genuine Aussie’s
Fair dinkum or dinky di Aussies
Aussie slang, strine
Defines True Blue as staunch loyal Aussies
Inherited from England

A mate is True Blue loyal
Address a mate especially a man
And you are equal
But the term can be used in many forms
Good and bad
But basically a mate is a true friend
Through good and bad
Throughout time a mate can be seen
In a pub getting an ear bashing from a friend
After work having a beer together

I enjoy writing these, my Dad was a living vocabulary of what the Australian meant, he came from the bush during a time when South Aussie was still a fledgling state a true blue Aussie at heart and a larrikin to boot.


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