The Humble Aussie beach shack

On a beach side holiday recently led me to thinking about a time gone by

 IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0030 IMG_0031 IMG_0032
The Humble Aussie beach shack

The humble Aussie beach shack is fast disappearing
Sites bought years ago for enormous sums
Two story shacks now dominate the horizon
Where has the old humble Aussie shack gone
The informal shack

There once was lino covered tables
With gashes embedded in the lino
Where filleted King George Whiting once laid
The camp stretcher, army surplus
Rusty old rickety fridge
That makes strange noises in the night
Yet never fails

The beer cold and frosty
Sitting on the verandah
A whiff of the septic perfect to enhance the moment
A nice frosty cold beer

The kids in bunk beds
Giggling, peaking through curtains
Spying on parents playing cards,
The sudden yell, when the kids have to go
Where you might ask?
The outside dunny

And don’t forget when the lights go out
The mice scurry
And come out to play

Tales of fishing
The one that got away
Stories of crabs so huge
And don’t forget the cooking
Outside over the open fire

This is what made the humble Aussie shack
The humble Aussie shack was once unique
For generations
Family fun
Time to sit

Shorts, thongs, esky all things Aussie,
Depending on the generation
A long neck, beer, with a cold glass
Or a stubbie with a holder

Night falls by the sea
Silence, by the humble Aussie shack
Kids tucked up in bed
Parents relaxed
A quiet Aussie shack

12 thoughts on “The Humble Aussie beach shack

    • It was images of a time growing up dreaming, trying to get my mind occupied and dusted of some of my work I’ve done and give it an airing. Have not been on-line much, the energy levels have been zapped. The pain level has been getting to me, sleeping a lot of the time. 40mg of morphine going through my system per hour has been zonking me. Waiting is getting to me a bit. Oh! for a new hip and a holiday.

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      • It’s a terrible choice to make pain vs. drugs because the drugs get rid of one pain and cause another. I hope your waiting is over soon. I quit my medication because it blistered my skin and lungs. They want me to try another kind that is a weekly infusion. I’m trying to fight the inflammation and pain with natural things, aspirin, and ibuprophen. I’m managing but barely. I’m raising my grandsons too so, I don’t get the rest I need. We need to keep praying for each other.


        • I certainly will keep on praying, I woke this morning my body was aching all over. A mixture of drugs goes down. I don’t know how they know the right direction to go. The Morphine the doctor reckons will be easy to come off I hope it will.

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              • It’s not so great in the states anymore…my husband and I pay over 18,000.00 per year for heal insurance, with a five thousand dollar deductible, estimated coverage which translates as about 150.00 for a doctor’s visit, hospital coverage is limited and is probably enough to get me in a hospital but not pay much so, they could confiscate my property, and they pay next to nothing for my prescriptions. And we are required, under penalty of the law, to buy it. They ruled it a Constitutional Right. The good old U.S.A. isn’t what it used to be…the government wrecked our system. Anyway…sorry for the rant. My husband and I are insurance slaves…

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                  • I don’t want the government or corporations involved at all. I’d like to see doctors start their own pools with their own patients. We need to do something totally, different. There are some docs in the U.S. trying to do this but it is an uphill grind for any kind of small, independent business in the U.S. right now. Everything is geared to favor big corps and big government…fascism is the word that fits that definition but most just think “Hitler” when they hear fascism and think those of us who see it that way are over-reacting. Things have changed a lot here during the new century…

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