While days and nights pass

Each day I pray
I pray a golden deed
I try to help those in need
My life on earth is short
In life I have done the best I can

I sit and watch the evening sun
As It sinks low behind the clouds and valleys
Days and nights pass me by
I know one day I am going to leave
When I leave, I do not know where the setting sun will be
I know now I am a child, a child of God
Where I travel

My light shines along the way to the road
Christ’s: praises I sing along my road of travels
Troubled souls, bear their hearts and souls
To endure life looking for help
Cry out and God will hear your prayer
In despair we search, prayer is always there
For us, so for God I will take a stand
Each day your prayers, will endure
Someone, sometime, somewhere
In time of need, on a journey
He’ll help the sick, heal those in need
Share words of kindness
Along a journey, He’ll lift someone’s load
Lighting the light on someone’s day
Flowers will bloom, along the road

And sharing words of kindness.
While Days and nights pass


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