Words in a gentle manner

I always remember my parents echoing “Actions speak louder than words,” Such a well-known saying over the years of our life. I am an advocate of the use of words in life, because words do affect our life and they words are used, all affect our lives so much. But the body language as well with words combined affects us all so much in life.
If we read through Proverbs 29 as I have just done I read so much there on body language. Reading parts on the bible has helped me understand so much more about life. Body Language with words carries so much more energy than with words, which has no energy or no strength behind them.
If we think back to our childhood, we knew how far we could take our parents words, sometimes words could be carried and we knew whether there was consequences, or not. We all have been guilty of testing how far we could push our parents before they would enforce punishment. My parents had a wonderful attitude to life, we knew Mum would be the one to enforce the rules, we knew we could twist Dad the way we wanted life to go. But when Dad used to say, “Go ask you Mother,” we knew he did not like what we wanted to do. Funny though with my children I was the one that was an easy touch.
When you have been in a battlefield of verbal abuse; body language that goes with it. You know when words have power and you can be terrified of both forms for life. Actions in life with words really define the value of words I feel now as a Christian slowly growing in my walk with God, my use of words and body language has extremely softened. I show my faith as I talk with my friends, so I hope people now see me as a gentler person.
I find in my journey, I can still use words with a much gentler approach and get the job down. Without being aggressive in my approach. The wrong words at the wrong time can get you in a great deal of trouble. As I have found of silence is often better to stay out of verbal exchanges.
Reading through Proverbs there is so much about life, our older generations knew so much more than we gave them credit for. I always remember my father reminding us to watch what we say. So many words can cause so much trouble, from families to around the world. Words cause anxiety in my heart for many, many, years. Words cause depression, lack of self-esteem words also caused my PTSD an anxiety. I just enjoy learning proverbs; words here release your mind.
These days everywhere we turn there are course words spoken every-day even in places where you think you are going to be safe. One of my favourite Uncle’s over the years knew how to choose his words and they flowed fluently. I do not think there was a harsh word that ever came out of his mouth or entered his mind..
We have all been in situations where anger is present and words flow in temper, sometimes we retaliate in anger I know I have done so. But now I try to remember to answer calmly and notice how things settle down. A wise man once told me to walk away from anger, it is a pity I never remembered that while I was married.
Jesus has now shown me how to use words in a gentle manner, this I have remembered recently. When I have had personal upsets in my life. I have prayed to Jesus to show me the way and guide me with the correct words.
Matthew 5:37 But let your language be, ‘Yes, yes,’ or ‘No, no.’ Anything in excess of this comes from the Evil one.

Matthew 9:3 “Such language is impious,” said some of the Scribes among themselves.

Matthew 13:3 He then spoke many things to them in figurative language. “The sower goes out,” He said, “to sow.

Matthew 13:10 (And His disciples came and asked Him, “Why do you speak to them in figurative language?”

Matthew 13:13 I speak to them in figurative language for this reason, that while looking they do not see, and while hearing they neither hear nor understand.

4 thoughts on “Words in a gentle manner

  1. So true… the last sermon we heard was from James when he spoke about being slow to speak, slow to anger and yet ‘quick’ to forgive. Our words can soothe or cause strife. We have to choose so carefully .. Diane


  2. There is a time for everything Barb even to hate evil and silence is not always golden, it can hold a lot of bitterness and resentment.

    But God tells us not to sin in our anger and we can indeed hold onto our bitterness and resentment and seek revenge. But Jesus got the whip out when needed, He had righteous anger in regards to evil and so did Paul and others in Scripture and they expressed it and we need to do this too when there is need for rebuke or a warning and correction even if not literally, meaning with a whip and our motivation must be for Love but Jesus warned us when we follow Him we will be persecuted and hated and the good we speak and do will be badly spoken of.

    But as you said Barb and Diane too and it is what the Scripture you both shared was referring to, if our thoughts are fleshy and abusive than we need to stop and consider the consequences before we speak and if needed apologise to those who have been hurt by them in the past.

    Christian Love Always – Anne


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