A roving salmon

stock-photo-44669898-flyfishing-for-salmon stock-photo-56165678-underwater-image-of-arctic-char-greenland stock-photo-18171227-kokanee-salmon-spawning

7574072-cross-hangs-in-sky-over-waterA roving salmon glides vigorously
Through the water, out of the hollow
With no-one to follow, so my soul long to follow
My heart alone, worships your free roving spirit

Standing here alone, watching the river
I feel your presence, my heart flutters
A swift perfume gathers in the air
My heart alone sense you are there
My God you alone sense, my desire to know you

You have become my friend, my Father
Each day I stand beside the river
I feel you are near, so much more
You’re my friend

A roving salmon glides vigorously
To you alone my God, you have become my shield
You have shown me strength, as I put on the full armour of God
My heart alone, worships your free roving spirit
My spirit lingers in the air as I follow you

You cover my heart with more than gold or silver
Now I know, you only, and you alone
Can satisfy my needs
My joy is in you
My God, my Father

Your perfume lingers, in the air
I feel your strength, protecting me
My heart’s desire, worships your roving spirit
I long each day for you to hear my prayers

For my tears are real
As I pray, a magic web
Around my heart
And now from the world
I stand in awe
Of your power
Alongside a roving creek bed
In your name Jesus amen


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