For lives reborn

Dear Heavenly Father
I thank you for my life
Many like me bless, You
For lives reborn
I lay my praises at Your feet
For the life reborn, You have granted me
You have granted me peace
We know our life would not
Have survived
Your faithfulness is supreme
Our faithfulness has grown
But we were in the desert before
Searching for love, answers
Till we found You
To find peace of mind
Rejuvenating our mind, body and soul
Lord the stress we felt, You healed
The emotional healing You continue
To support us all
Your guidance now heals our pain
Guiding our path through life
Forsaking our enemies
That corrupt our peace
Hold your shroud around our families
Protecting them
Your angels protect our children
Building courage around us all
As we walk through our lives
Let Your Angels stay by our side
Till we return

In peace

In Jesus name


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