My prayer for strength

A prayer for strength

We battle our daily chores, our daily lives; take our physical energy to a low level. I did not know there were words to rid the devil from our mind and body. Learning about spiritual warfare riding our bodies from crippling ordeals or battles of the mind, Jesus dies on the cross for us a victory to break the chains we bond ourselves with over many, many decades. Fears hold us in chains, we can let ourselves free of the bondage.

My prayer,

Lord Jesus, my life is finally free from the chains of a lifetime, free of the pressure of someone looking over your shoulder. With no more darkness around me, the enemy has left my mind. At times Lord Jesus the enemy sneaks in a little, but now I am strong enough to hold the enemy at bay. You remind me Lord each day to stay strong and never give up. If I Let my guard down the enemy may sneak in.
I am looking to you Lord for your power of healing; I know I have been praying continually all year for healing of my leg. Sometimes Lord the pain gets to me and I just wish to cry out. You granted me Lord Jesus emotional healing, whether physical healing comes from surgery or healing from the Holy Spirit, I pray to you Lord that you can use your weapons and heal.
Help me Lord to keep going, I don’t wish to give up and fold. At times I am so tired from struggling with pain, leaving me weak from lack of energy. Heavenly Father you are a source of supernatural power, with you in my life I can fight.
I have learned how to pray and to trust in the Lord Jesus, you have the power to help me, and others; there are others with more serious illness than me. Use your power to help these. At times Satan will show up and try to keep picking at me and sometimes never give up.
My strength and faith in the Lord Jesus has led me to ask for your forgiveness and repented my sins. You baptised me as an adult. Life with you Lord has led me courageous and strong enough to fight my battles. You have shown me how to live in peace and calm, sharing your wisdom with me has taught me how to live. Together Lord you have shown me how to walk in your name. In your name Jesus

My prayer for help and wisdom I was thinking about this morning.

2 thoughts on “My prayer for strength

    • Thank you Dianne…I am hoping for a sooner date that February next year, time will travel quick, I have this feeling God has his finger on the fast forward button. I know I have the strength to get to February but sometime I am just so tired of the Pain. Tibby, God and my blog has been getting me through

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