Time and time

Time and time again
Searching for life
The many questions
What was life about?
Such a sick feeling all those years
In the pit of your stomach

A body imprisoned
Trapped in the search for life
Trapped in the search for worldly
A hunger for worldly pleasures
A desire for approval
A worldly desire for love
Searching the world
Not seeing the one that loves us most

Fighting to rid yourself from worldly desires
All so familiar, worldly pleasures, that cause so much stress
Yet there is an inner knowing, that your life is incomplete
In your search, your thirst for the word of the Lord

Thirsting for more, we search for more
Questions, find their way, across your mind
Puzzling your mind, sometimes crossing your mind
Slowly finding its way in the right direction
Where you find your way with the Lord

The Lord is there for us all
Come to the Lord, find the Joy
Find your freedom, your peace
The Lord is the direction for me
The Lord has offered me life

The Lord lifted me up
I came to the Lord with my trouble
He released me from my pain
Clearing the darkness from my brow
There is a guiding light
Now shinning my way

The road can lead to the Lord
He is there with his guiding hand
Leading us in the right direction

Send our praises
Thank the Lord
A body no longer imprisoned
No longer trapped in the search for life
No more hunger
No need to desire approval
No need to Search the world
The one that needs us most is near


2 thoughts on “Time and time

  1. Your words are very True Barb, how very empty is life without God, how lost we are in our own prison of self.

    Open our eyes Lord so we can see Jesus not just now and again but all the time, how I wish I had asked this sooner instead of wasting so many years in seeking what was empty and which left me empty but Praise The Lord He has filled me now with good things.

    Blessings – Anne.


    • By God’s Grace I moved to a Christian community, I am still amazed that I did move here, I found the place while still in the desert in my campervan. Somehow the old cottage I was in was still waiting for me to arrive and now my little unit. But by God’s grave I was saved and never walked away, I stayed and found life with God and Jesus


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