Morning sun

Morning sun glows against the glass of my window
I sit in the bay of my window, gathering warmth
I feel like an ornament in my window
Daydreaming watching the colours sway in the morning breeze

A bird swoops down and settles on the morning blooms
Colourful honey eaters chirping gracefully
Busy gathering insects
Drinking in the the colour
I fall asleep in the window

Like a portrait my shape, puzzles
Passerby’s, at my bay window
Slowly I emerge from my window
To the noises of chattering magpies
Drinking form my birdbath
Water lilies exuding colour

My garden of heavens
A water lily blooms beneath, where I sat
Stretches across the fields, a garden of heavens
All the colours of a rainbow
Clouds float by on a soft breeze
A breeze gathers all the colour of my garden
Floating petals, floating perfume


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