I feel your presence

I feel your presence
I know when you are near
God I’ve felt your words
Your words linger before me
Leaving messages
I close my eyes, to listen
Yet there is times when I can’t hear what you are saying
Your voice is silent
Yet you leave messages
Yet unexpected
My heart is confused but deep within hope
Your words and messages never come the same way
At times I am astounded when I hear your message
I hear your words in harmony with the sounds of nature
To smooth my heart, so roughened from life
Your words still linger before me, as I search for the Lord
I rid my life of sin in search for you
Yet questions still before me, why me? why this life?
Yet this life has made me feel human again
I have survived to become and individual
There is a generation lost in me
In the eyes of society I have found a new direction
Truth has come the way of life, Your messages
Arrive in unique ways, never all at once
I need you Lord
We need you Lord
Our silent minds and silent hearts
Come alive with your words.
In your name Lord Amen

(c) bjsscribbles

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