Peace and patience in the world

I am telling myself I must create and keep peace in my life, by doing that I am teaching myself patience. I need patience in my life to get through the next few months.


God you have afflicted me with peace

A peace now where I can accept thing I can not change
A peace now where I gather courage to change things I can
A peace now where I can gather wisdom
God you have shown me I can live one day at a time
Living now with peace, I enjoy a simple life
On the road to peace I’ve learned to deal with hardships

Trusting God He will put things right
As I surrender to your way God
I am surprised I am happy
In my life creating my peace

We bless you in our lives
We give you praise
For what we receive
We praise your faithfulness
Even though at times we are not faithful to you
I’ve asked for peace so many times in my heart
Covering my mind, body soul and spirit
We ask you for healing
Remove everything that causes stress in our lives
I ask you daily for guidance to be at peace
Today I stand by your side
In prayer for peace in my heart
In prayer for guidance
Till tomorrow Jesus
In your name Amen


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