Beauty created by God

Breath the air as it floats past
Perfume from the flowers of God
Charming the Earth
Buds exploding in great delight
Colours dazzling your eyes
Across the hills and valleys

Your beauty and grace possess delight
Your shape dances in the breeze
Perfume masses across the fields
Green fields grazed readily
Hide your beauty
Yet you create a perfumed breeze

Mountains dressed in colourful robes
Valleys awash in a bath of colour
Mornings flowers glisten with dew
Creating a coloured mirror, reflecting images
From the heavens, dusk you close your petals

Garlands of petals, a child’s joy
Sprinkle a bride with petals of joy
Grace homes with perfume of the heart
From petals of roses, bathed in joy

Your time on earth is short
Flowers for the hearts desire
Sharing your joy with many
There is solemn times flowers grace
The paths of the departed

The life of a flower, opens our hearts
From a child playing in fields of magic
A bride showered with tears of joy from a petal
From the stars to the dust from the earth
God’s creation to beautify our hearts
Bursts of colour bring joy to God’s people


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