To hold a lover vow

This poem is fiction based on thoughts and power of the mind being creative


Your gentle soft fingers, seek mine
At last, as we walk along the gilded beach
Where the summer sun shines long into the night
Your fingers held tightly, holding them close to your heart
Not often do we see the gilded beach glistening
Gulls nestlings by the waters edge
Golden ripples sparkle across the water
I feel your heart beat as you hold my hand close

To hold a lovers vow, for years
You who sought me for years
Shadows now cross my brow
Marks the timeless youth, once been
For you love me now, a girlish face
Still glistens in the night, across a gilded beach

Silently I shed tears, when you walked away
Silently they fell, as I waited for you to return
The years I waited for you to return
Time and fate has bought us together, again
My heart and brow now lifted
Strong in love that came so late
Our souls together in love and life

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