Gods Path

All in the darkness we search blindly
And if we go away from the expected course
We learn from our mistakes
And there is purpose in this

We know we may not win the race
If we were a runner we might
We have to tread the mountain’s base
Before we reach its height.
I know now God is there to show me the way
Often we traversed the same path
Paths that lead through darkness, to the light
God’s hand showed me the way

Many passed along the way
Before me, following who knows where
Leaving the mighty words and truths behind
Words uttered by greedy men
Walking now towards the light

Finding love finally
No more pain uttered in the words
Past error now amiss
Lasting love, now traversing the right path

Lost souls, of choosing wrong
Now moving right
Those years were not a waste
They led us to the light…


3 thoughts on “Gods Path

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