The new born

I sit thinking of a time
In their short time
I would softly touch your face
Your skin was so pure
To touch your face felt like
Clouds, so soft and pure
I would hold you in my arms
Touch your face
Tracing a journey
Only to discover a gentle smile
To lightly touch your eyelids
With my fingertips made me smile
Your beauty yet to be explored

Your soul is developed, yet it is to early to be explored
What dwells within your soul
I cannot invade
Or invade your space
Yet I will be here when you need
When you grow, and explore
When you need just call
Love Mum

9 thoughts on “The new born

    • Many many years ago I could not of thought about the love of a child like that. Don’t get me wrong I loved my daughters but I never knew how to express myself. Now till I opened my heart to God


  1. How precious it must be to be a Mum and to be able to hold your Baby, to watch them in wonder and total Love.

    I felt your Love and wonder in the words you shared Barb and I know they came from your heart, thank you for sharing them, can you imagine how God feels when He sees us.

    Christian Love Always – Anne


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