In life we change, but always at a cost:

In life we change, but always at a cost:

There is a journey called life we all march along at, day by day, do we ever stop and think of the entire bit a pieces we have learned.

We are all born to die, this means we are alive, given the choice we need to get out there and do the things we desire to do.

When we are young sometimes we waste our youth, by not taking part in life or living the adventure that we have before us while we are young. While we are young it is all about us, sometimes we have to learn to share our life with siblings, but that is okay as we are just learning about life.

We have to learn to fit in and be accepted, especially while we are learning about ourselves, learning about families, friends, and peer pressure. Learning about love, feeling the warmth of love from a family, learning to belong….Our likes and dislikes such as modern day popular clothing, what is hot and what is not on the music scene, ideas for the future.

As we grow we develop our own ideas on Christianity, different clubs, different sports, life adventures. Belonging to groups is involvement in life outside the family. There is always pro’s and con’s for whatever you may want to do or join in.

We never stop learning even as we pass through puberty, I think we all hated forced learning. I might be rare, I am enjoying learning now as I moved into my later years of life. In one way I am glad I am not young anymore and have to go through every part of life all over again. When you reach a certain age you realise when you pass away, life will go on. Some of your closest friends will remember you and celebrate your life, because as time goes on into the next century no-one will remember you or even that you existed.

Meanwhile while you are in your early adult years you are enjoying yourself or getting into trouble. We all did. I used to worry about what people thought of me. But truthfully as you get older and realise they are not really thinking about you they are thinking about themselves .Or even thinking what you are thinking of them

One big lesson to learn in life is moderation in everything, when you are a peacekeeper you are a pushover. Listen take mental notes, find a balance in life. Life is constantly changing every day, moving forward all the time no matter how hard you resist.

Today I don’t let my age do the talking; I know my age and what I have achieved in my life. My life is compiled of different stories just like many others.

When we look into a child’s eye we see simplicity, I wondered many times why does a child have to grow up and lose its innocence. Today I have found by keeping life simple, I experience Life’s real joy. Something I never knew before.

In life we can move on faster and go fast alone or we can go far together with someone. We have choices to be who we want to be. No matter what stage of life we are at.


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