When a tear trickles down a windowpane

When a tear trickles down a windowpane
I’m taken a back with emotions
A windowpane lonely with age
Delights of stories held true
Of rendezvous of lovers waving tearful goodbye’s
Times of long absences and days spent waiting
I feel the anguish as I stand there, divided by the light
The rain has dropped a teardrop on the windowpane
Emotions, when you ponder emotions your heart aches
You turn and walk away from the window, wondering
View the day from a windowpane, ancient windows hold stories
As droplets of tears stain windows divine with age
Images created by time, ghosts of the past, do not leave us
A warmth held within my heart, divided by time and light
Embraces your heart, though my heart is hardened

Tainted with fear, for my return, my heart is opened
As I wait for the tears to clear from my window
Thoughts cast aside of images that came before me
Once I was a child waving goodbye, from the same window
A tear stain reminded me as I waved goodbye in the dark

Now that stain is but a memory, now that child is but a memory
Her heart and the tears wait for her lovers return
Those droplets of tears have grown and so has the rain drops
That form teardrops on the windowpane, my heart now weeps
From the inside now waiting

Imprisoned in my thoughts of a lovers return
When a windowpane weeps for a soldiers return
Tear drops formed by rain, tear drops of child waiting for a fathers return
Tear drops formed by a lover waiting for the return of her soldier
The stories of an ancient windowpane held the delight of one passerby


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