Stress,Faith,Finding God

I looked at life from the sidelines for many years. Slowly I have started working my way into life and walking away from the sidelines. God has looked at life from the Grand-stand, one day I hope to be there, up in the Grand-stand.

Finding life is but a tapestry, weaving its way around the globe. I had been on the wrong side of the tapestry for many years, experiencing all the knots, and the intricate webs. God has shown me His way and the important things, He does. Life and all its stresses mounts up over time mounting up on the grown up brain till it almost explodes with stress. Stress in life is an experience we must have, but when we hand it all up to God we can be relieved of the stress of life.

It has taken me a lifetime to be able to see life through God’s eyes. There was so much chaotic life in my adult life; I never thought it would un-ravel. Finding God and seeing God’s hand working in my life now, I believe my prayers are answered and God hears my praise. I understand some of the scripture associated with stress in life, but not all of it. There is just so much to understand.

Pain we feel in our bodies, I feel is Gods way of getting our attention, we know if we ignore the pain we will pay the price. Something desperately will go wrong with our bodies. Ignoring pain is something we should not do, even if we know it is anxiety pain. We surely must listen or pay the price. Physical, mental and spiritual pain is a warning sign to most of us, if we listen to God we will hear the messages and mend our bodies before something drastically happens. By listening to God we can rediscover our life.

I had drifted as far away from God as anyone could get, my biggest priority in life was keeping a roof over my head. My marriage had fallen apart in the horrible of ways. I figured by staying I would keep a roof over my head I would have a life, but it was not a life it was an extinct. My priority was wrong; I accept I made the wrong choice. I ended up walking away eventually it has become the right choice I made .Rediscovering God has helped me put my life on the right track replacing my life with fellowship and praises for God.

I had abandoned God and learned the lesson of life in a hard way, rediscovering God and His priorities; I have found my life moving in a new direction. Now I give careful thought to my ways, and move things along slowly, evaluating my moves step by step with God’s help. I realise stress has drawn me to God, time after time in the few years I have been living on my own. Seeking God in times of stress makes stressful times less intense at least for me it has begun too.

When life for me has been running smoothly, and no hiccups sometimes my prayers time lapses and I forget myself. Many have been known to withdraw from God into our own world but it is not long and we return to God. That has been the way for me; I try to stay in the word of God all the time. Learning how to handle stress with God has been a big achievement for me. As God uses stress in our lives I find it is a reminder for me to trust him with my life. To me it is a form of encouragement, enduring hardship; God is helping me succeed in my life.

Stressful experiences are hard to manage through life and at times can be very painful; when we scrounge our way through those times it is for the good.

I find my faith is strengthened by finding God, we are taught to get back up on a bike as a child when we fall. The stronger we get as we grow so does our faith in God’s word. To a child learning to ride a bike is stressful as a child grows stronger in achievement so does their faith and without faith we cannot grow.


4 thoughts on “Stress,Faith,Finding God

  1. Heart touching Testimony Barb, giving Hope as we look to God for His Light in the Darkness..

    He does not afflict us but our bodies do give a warning when something is wrong and so does our emotions, we were created that way, Jesus tells us come to Him when we carry a heavy burden and He will give us His rest.

    Christian Love Always – Anne


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