Day by Day

I search for the flower that opens
A gentle colour gripped with vibrant colour
Opens little day by day, expressing love and perfume
The bird bath that sits in the middle of the garden
Gathers a meeting place, God in his mercy created
A meeting place, lending his grace
Glowing colours, vibrant wings,
Love and perfume, Day by day
Mountains, and rivers, all creations
Sunsets, and morning glory
Day by day, whispers Gods hands
In the depths of winter
Slowly the winter soil warms
Spring and summer warms our heart
Beckons the fruits of the garden
By the hands of God
Glowing warmth tends the heart of the garden
Over the grass and the hills to the forest
The trees, the parks where we play and walk
Creeks where water rushes, for endless pleasure
We gather, Sharing Gods work.


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