Perfect bliss

A creek runs through my yard all but a trickle
Between two gardens, Shade upon the water
Willow trees create images of magic
A place to dream, between two worlds
On endless nights, under the stars

Summer days paddle my toes
Crystal clear water, fresh from the spring
Footsteps gently creating ripples, child like dreams
Creating music to my ears, joyful bliss
Sweet nothings, thoughts for only me
Peaceful bliss erupts

Out of the hollow of water, I alternate treading water
Footsteps disappear, as if moving clear through a mirror
Washing away the afternoon, between two gardens
Shade upon the water, a pleasure seekers garden
A mystical wonder, surrounding me a garden so full of life

The music of the garden, joyful bliss
My secret garden, between two
Perfect bliss, creating words and songs of joy
My garden, between two carries sound into the sunset

At the eleventh hour, just one desirable wish
Will take me back willingly to a private place
This place where you fill jugs of water so fresh
A secret garden of mine, trees creating images
Seep exists peacefully, by the crystal clear water
A secret garden hidden between two gardens
Sadness though is but a wall placed between two gardens.

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