Through the night, I dream

Your love showers me with gifts
Your gifts allow me thoughts
My shelter from the storm of life
Your grace, Your mercy
Through the night I dream
Silent dreams,, sleeping peacefully
Resting peacefully now

Years went by as I long for this special love
Searching for a love that will never hurt
All the time You were reaching out for me
Calling but I never heard, I did not know it was You Lord
Holding your hand hand out for me
I did not know it was my life life You were saving
You offered my a branch to hold onto

I know I’ve been wrong in life, weak, and torn,
Now I know your love is there, building me up
Now with passion and praise, I offer you my heart
Lord, with tears that roll down my cheeks
Spiritually lifting me in times of need

You have been my healer
My spirit, my emotion
I am so very in your debt
I will share my faith, with the world
My healer
To experience your love
Has been unexplainable
I praise you each day

I know now that my life was worth saving
Just getting to know You, Lord has been an experience
I offer You my heart
As tears roll down my cheeks
I share my life with You Lord

(c) bjsscribbles

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