In a place where God’s world is there for all to share.

I have just come to realise
The thoughts we hold dear
Are things that empower us
Across our bodies, no matter how wide
Our thoughts float on wings as we send them forward
Filling the world with all things good

Our secret thoughts echo across the world
Catching blessings, giving hope,
To those who are lost
Leading them out of the wilderness

Sharing you thoughts
As you sit protected
With the world in prayer
Thought you would never share with those you have known
And yet as you sit in prayer you are sharing your inner-most
Thoughts with the world, you are not alone.

.Your thoughts maybe simple, and share your life
Secret thoughts that echo across the world
Like a breath of fresh air, breathing life
Into a desolate home

There is a time when your thoughts will be forgotten
As you sit protected, with the world in prayer
Your prayer has vanishes or left your mind for an instance
Somewhere in the back of your mind, something will remind you
As a star gleams through your window, on a dark winters night

Your thoughts are an important part of your life
Be fair, share them with the world
They shape the world, they shape your being
In a place where God’s world is there for all to share.


2 thoughts on “In a place where God’s world is there for all to share.

  1. Very True Barb, the Scriptures also confirm (see below) as we think in our heart so we are.

    Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…..

    Rubbish in, rubbish out, what we focus on needs to be wholesome and beneficial for maturity as you shared Barb.

    Christian Love Always – Anne


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