Finally a lesson learned recently leads me to thinking about a wise one, from my childhood. My Dad, was the wise one and taught us many lessons about the human race.


To know someone
And to believe you know someone
Perceptions of who they are
In public

Actions speak louder than words
See who they are
In their glory

With undivided attention
You will see them
And know them
With all soul’s value


4 thoughts on “Finally

      • Yes I know what you mean Barb, also when I’m commenting on someones Blog, Scripture comes to my mind and so I share it but now that I’m also sharing Songs so do some of the words in them and I look them up on YouTube if I haven’t got the links already and Post them too.

        This means I’m blessed when I write comments as well as Posts, which also Teach me many of God’s Truths, the same as the comments which also flow but I’m still a cracked vessel and have quiet a few writing errors as well as spelling mistakes but I know God overlooks them and thankfully I also have help from Firefox with my spelling now.

        Blessings – Anne.


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