‘Life’ a dramatic word so often used

Life has been offering me some twists and turns lately, so me from doing what I want to do. Making me feel a bit angry, now it is teaching me to be patient, accept help as I know now I need it. Above all try anything and my health will improve.


Life a word so often used
Life hands us so many twists and turns
So much joy is offered in ‘life’
I wonder where it goes at times
We have the right to wonder
We often remark “Life is not fair”
Or it is “Just life and no fault of yours”
Learning to live ‘life’
Growing out of a shadow
Learning to stand and be noticed
You can win at life
We made our choices
Do not despair
There is always a solution
Slow down ‘Life’
Look deep inside
You will find the strength
To run the race of ‘life’
And not give in to the demons of ‘life’
When you have not lived
And now I must get on with life
And live the ‘life’ I destined for myself


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