Have you ever?

Have you ever?
Wondered where all the joy is gone!
Felt so flat, in a world full of balance
There is no purpose left in life

Have you ever?
Wanted to cry, cry so hard you will flood the room
I sometimes sit and wonder, what I would do
I know I will get through, I challenge myself each day
Many struggle to climb out of the hole

Have you ever?
I used to wonder, would anyone care
If I was not around, life will go on with out me
I have cried lately it’s not fair!

Have you ever?
Feelings, hopes and dreams
Wondered where they have all gone
Dreams trampled, feelings trampled, hopes all gone

Have you ever told yourself?
‘Life is full of hard knocks,, get up, go out and live’
No matter what the challenge you can do it
Get up get going!

Have you ever told yourself?
There is hope
There is someone that cares
You can cope
Just one person
Who needs you in their life

Now realise, there is meaning to life
Life is not always dark
Life is not always lonely
There is a reason to life
Turn on the light of life


12 thoughts on “Have you ever?

  1. I look to my left
    And see a plain
    Devoid and empty no change or gain

    I look to my right
    And see the hills
    Full of big stuff, all swoops and thrills

    If all of one and none of two?
    A wearing place for me or you.

    I look both ways and feel once more
    My path in front – no more a chore.


    Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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