A life can be created

Life is created in
No form or shape
Unquestionably life
Is attached to the rest of the world
Look at life with an open mind
In life we deny, play down, or even despise
We let life defeat us
The twist and turns of life created
May seem painful, evil,
Open your mind to the beauty of life
And find, Joy and Strength
Every moment of life
Is a moment of Joy
For those that have a vision
A life can be created
With an open mind
A beauty formed by nature

With God’s help and belief

There is a power within us all

As we walk in the footsteps of our God

Life can be created


5 thoughts on “A life can be created

  1. Yes as you said Barb we can find, Joy and Strength every moment of our lives but only when our focus is on God, only He can create True beauty within us, we are dead in our sins until we are Born again of The Holy Ghost. Just like Paul said in Romans 7 we are wretched until we are conformed into the image of Jesus, we put our Carnal flesh to death as we aim to be perfected in Love, if we believe we can do it ourselves we will fail miserably.

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne


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