Sands of life on earth

Earth is an abstract artistry
An artistry of colours
The sweet perfume of earth
Creates images
From all corners

Each drop of rain
A sparkle from the sun
Look at a dew drop
Images of you

Your senses illuminated
Moving with earths senses
An artistry in-tune
With the sun and the wind
Nature is a world of dreams
Each bird, each animal, each human

A puzzle still un-answered
Crossing all continents
From the beginnings of life
Germinated by mother earth
A gentle touch glistening
New growth, on earth

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
Children of the earth
Sounds of the earth legendary
Spiritous, blossoming, all the time
At times ridden with drought
Yet our earth is vibrant, energised
Throughout the night, earth rejuvenates

Her spirit yet unbroken
Scars of war, scars of life on earth
Mother earth is at one with all things wild
For every life on earth there is a journey
Through, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring
Life, everything, everyone, has a journey
Even earth, creates a journey, a story
Sounds, songs of life on earth
Drifting across oceans, across the sands of life

Yesterday builds on life for today
Tomorrow will arrive
Tunes of life created
Each beginning brings new life
Clears skies, fresh breezes
Rain will bring the grasses
And the sun will shine


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