The symphony of life

I’ve stood alone, with a broken soul, fields of ashes scatter the land,
My past is scattered across, the wooded field, scattered in ashes,
The endless echoes of a life filled with dismay, all but a memory now,

The pendulum swings freely under the influence of gravity,
Weighing the values of life and trust, spirited away,
The pain of life follows a passage of pain and worries, of cries heard,
Desire seduces me, in the search for an aching heart, for mine I’ll tell

To navigate the world among the field of ashes,
Dreams now debris across stormy oceans,
This symphony of life I have lived,
There is a world of black and white,
There is no going back,

I was a stranger within my own heart,
My desires, hidden from the world,
Without knowledge caught in a dome,
Drifting, tones echo across an ocean,
Tones of hope and peace,

Forever I drift among old images, haunting images,
A revelation of life.
. .

With Gods help you can lift yourself above
Old images, haunting images
Hope, Faith and prayer


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