Keep hope in your heart, Give God a chance

We travel through many valleys,
Traveling through life,
Many have traveled these roads,
Before us, but we feel we are the only one,
We are not alone, but we think we are,

Though life seemed easier, life was routine,
You think life is going to get better,
But you feel down, down seems as though it’s here to stay,

Help is all around, friends try,
No-one listens, no matter what,
You can not shake that feeling,

Take a break, go for a walk,
Clear your head, it can make a difference,
You have no idea, till you give it a go,

You’ve traveled the hills and valley’s of life,
Your problems, cleared a little, but
They did not vanish, but you have energy,
You can get through the day,

I learned to listen to God,
Shifting my attention from problems,
To God, How will you ever know,
If you don’t give God a chance,

God can show us life,
He was waiting for me to find him,
He knew I would search and find him,
I did not know he was there,
But he had cared for many years,

Jesus died on the cross for us,
Taking all the punishment from the demons,
No-matter what, God is there for us,
Whatever road we are traveling,
Keep hope in your heart,
Give God a chance,

As you climb those valleys,
Traveling, don’t forget to smile,
It makes life a lot easier,
Give God a chance,
I did.


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