But for a moment in time

There is a life
I once knew
Now I am captivated
As I walk quietly in my life
You are captivating
Impressed my mind
To experience, Your words
I was not sure at first
You are with me now
As I sit writing
My world is changing around me
Your hands rest gently on my shoulders guiding me
My heart and my body awakens
You renewed my soul and I was born anew
Slowly You have guided my life
Your shroud protecting me
With each day I experience your wisdom
Your guidance, Your passion
Has awakened my life
As I have journeyed many roads
You have taken my pain
And cast my fears out into the ocean
I can see all my doubts floating away
No longer lost, as You walked into my life
You changed my life forever
To know that you loved me
Just for a moment in time
To love you is to know you
Even if You have to leave me
But for a moment in time.


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