The Vagabond or Swagman

Just depends which country you are in me personally I like swagman as I am Australian

He walks alone
I recognise Him, he is one of your own
leave the soul alone
Because, He’s got no-one
He live’s his life by his creed
He is the keeper of his seed
Alone he walks the road,
Living for a meal a day
Whether it be for the hunt or chase
Just a meal a day, he has survived
No need to pretend, just a vagabond
No family or friends, just the animals
And him, no need, for anything else

He walks alone
He’s not lonely
He will stay with the animals
Just watch silently
And you will see
Watch from afar
He prefers not to be seen
Someday’s he will let you
Walk with him, eat with him
He eat’s silently,
When finished he gathers
His sparse belongings and leaves
As quietly as he arrives
Wanting to be alone

He’s used to being alone
He likes to be alone
Company is not his life
He’s free, his heart is free
He lives the life of a vagabond
Life on the open road
A quiet man, not liking being followed
He is free, his heart is free
Longing for freedom he steps up the pace
One days soon, he may settle
Beneath the moon, beneath the trees

Truly he is not alone
He does not let anyone know
He follows his dream
He follows his wisdom
He follows nature
He could leave it all behind
But it follows him day by day
He does not know what he is going to find
Each day as he wanders aimlessly
He has his dreams

The vagabond
Has taken years to find himself
Following himself
Following his wisdom
Following nature
Content and fulfilled
Just himself and the open road
He moves lightly through the open woods
Taking care to share the future with others
Along the open road, and under the blue skies

Now fulfilled and content
Consenting to no-one
He has lived his life
His way, sharing with the animals
Living his dream
And other when they wandered into his camp
Nobody said he had to live the life of a vagabond
He did so because he needed to grow
And be with nature
Existing within human nature
He lived free
To fly with his dreams
To fly with his wisdom
Like nobody before him
Now he may be at peace in the end
With wisdom and grace



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