To me one of the greatest pioneer women of Australia

She lived along the railroad tracks of South Australia, across the Mid North of South Australia. She lived and worked hard raring her children for long periods on her own.A true pioneer of Australia, her final years were lived in Yunta South Australia a small town not known to many on the edge of the Gold fields of South Australia. This is my Nanna Mac, I think most Australian women my age could associate with my Nanna Mac

Nanna Mac was her name, to those who loved her
Sitting on the front porch, I still remember today
Watching the world go by, her apron was always finely pressed
The power it possessed, claimed her kitchen
For Nanna Mac, she was not dressed without her apron
It was fresh everyday, I remember, and freshly pressed apron strings

Nanna Mac was a simple woman, that wore an apron with love
It never looked worn out, even when it was held up with a safety pin
An apron had many uses in her day, she gathered the eggs
Using it as a weapon, waving it at the hens when they pecked at her feet
Gently she would place the eggs in her apron each morning
Before she cooked the breakfast or stocked the kitchen stove with wood
Many aprons were worked with cross stitch,worked with love
Her aprons were part of her, no matter where she was
She was a lady of the bush, a pioneer of the bush
A favourite to all her grandchildren, there were so many of us at times
All scurry for her apron to wipe our tears, or hide
Nanna Mac as she was known to everyone, far and wide
A midwife to some, a mother to many and grandmother to many
Never forgotten


9 thoughts on “To me one of the greatest pioneer women of Australia

  1. The Love of a Grandmother how blessed you were to have one Bj, thank you for sharing about your wonderful, Grandmother with her Apron, the strings were indeed tied with Love.

    I didn’t have a Grandmother but God brought into my Life Mr and Mrs Gabby they treated me like one of their own Grandchildren, when I visited them, Mrs Gabby would get out her best Tea cups and plates and a yummy Cake she had baked or some times chocolate biscuits and there was always a serviette, Mr Gabby would listen to all my childish stories with great interest and he never yawned, yes my life was blessed too.

    Christian Love – Anne.


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