A child’s plea

I dedicated this to the children all over the world who pray for peace in their home. They hear so much much and witness so much that should never be seen or heard in such young lives.

A silent cry pierces the night
The bells do not ring, show me
A child lies alone, crying for peace
A mother cries longing for her child

Voices rage, throughout the homes
A child lies alone crying for peace
A child cries for silence, voices rage
A silent cry, from a mother
Longing for her child

No longer silent
A mother cries out loud
Hear her plea, as she longs
For peace for child
Bells ring out loud again

A child now lay in bed
Peace lay over
A child’s hands
A mother prays for her child’s dreams
A mother prays for her dreams

As the Bell ring out in peace


17 thoughts on “A child’s plea

    • I just hope it helps someone reach their heart and helps them somehow. That is why I wrote it. So much is written for the adults and not much for the children. I just hope one word reach someone.Thank you


    • I could not help thinking there is so much writing about adults and their lives to write something to let the people know we do think of the children involved. Thank you so much for your kind words just to hope maybe one word of mine helps someone is enough for me.

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  1. So touching … I admit I am having difficulty reading this…
    It calls for the child in me who didn’t know peace and missed out on a large part of childhood
    And to the child in me that I still keep hidden deep inside who prays for it
    Thank you ❤


  2. As I read your Poem again Barb, I felt the one I shared with you last night about my Childhood abuse did not fit as well as the one below, so I hope you don’t mind me posting it instead.

    Yes as we shared together many people can relate to abuse as a Child verbal and physical and sadly abuse brings more abuse, unless healed, hurt people hurt people, even those they Love.

    Jesus Understands

    I was battered and bruised by the wounds of life imparted to me
    by my Parents in strife.
    For unable to handle the pain in their hearts they tore at each other with malice and hate leaving despair and fear in its wake.

    They wanted Love but couldn’t find the way seeking for it in the chattels of life which lead to confusion turmoil and strife.

    Scared of what would happen if I came near cringing and crying with pain in my soul loosing the joy that Childhood holds.
    My days became something to dread and at times I even wished
    I was dead.

    I wanted to share but no one could see the pain that I did bear or that
    I needed someone to care.
    Just a child full of fancy wanting to escape seeking Love
    instead of heartache.
    I rebelled through the years having no peace and unable to find
    the joy that I had lost I punished myself at great cost.

    The inner child in increasing pain was left alone to bear the shame,
    Many times did I seek but no Love was found only guilt and fear,
    how I longed for arms to hold me near.

    If only someone could understand and take away the pain helping me to feel Loved and wanted again.

    Yet deep within His heart was a Love that would not depart a tenderness waiting to be shown a Joy of things unknown.

    Knocking at my hearts door Jesus asked if He could come in for He had already forgiven me of my sin and was wanting to heal me of my pain
    setting me free me from the shame.

    I opened up the door and felt Him drawing me near then I knew
    in His arms I never need to fear for He gave me His Peace and
    perfect Love on the wings of a Dove.

    Then I understood He was always by our side from the very start
    He chose to win His Bride even if we roamed
    He would search and carry us home.

    He would never let us go because He Loved us so.

    Placing within our hearts the Joy of things to come so His Hope
    we would know and His blessings would overflow,

    The wonder of it all is His Love that’s always free reaching from
    the start and filling Eternity.

    Christian Love dear friend – Anne.


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